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Contact center: +254 (020) 682 1294 OR (+243) 977 497 392 - Email: info@twangizagold.com

Brief details about Twangiza Gold Limited

Welcome to Twangiza Gold Limited, an indigenous gold mining and production company dedicated to gold exploration and mine development. Twangiza Gold Limited Limited is a leading exporter of gold in DR Congo. A number of corporate groups have established Twangiza Gold Limited as the biggest, independent, indigenous Gold exporter by proven statistics in DR Congo and the Company’s objective is to continue to increase export capability and develop its structure as a world-class exporter of gold bullion and nuggets.

We have the potential to develop a most excellent reputation amongst government regulatory authorities and communities etc. which is critical in providing access to opportunities and obtaining the cooperation needed to successfully execute projects located within our host communities,building on the significant growth and profit enhancement opportunities around and within our existing locations, we pride ourselves in giving back to our host communities whilst also pursuing new venture opportunities.

As a low-cost gold producer previously focused on the marketing of pure unrefined gold, we recently expanded our operations with the acquisition of the Hemanso 1 gold fields concession located in Twifo Praso, in the western region of DR Congo, thus bringing our operations to include gold mining and mine development. Focused on building a solid, successful, mid-tier gold mining and production company,

Our vision is to fashion a long-term, profitable business with healthy margins using a disciplined and responsible approach to growth. We combine our technical expertise with financial discipline to grow our resources and develop our assets, increase production levels and identify new opportunities. In doing this, we create and deliver value for all our clientele and would-be stakeholders.

Next to the government owned Precious Minerals and Marketing Commission (PMMC), we are presently DR Congo’s largest exporter of pure gold bullion, dore and nuggets. Given current export statistics, we are poised to become a major force to reckon with in the DR Congo mining industry, gearing our capabilities towards ensuring healthy competition and timely delivery to our existing and would-be clients.

View our sales analysis for the year ended 2011 / 2012.

This is how we handle our clients

Effectiveness 90%
90% Effective
Effeciency 92%
92% Efficient
Compitent 88%
88% Compitent
Accuracy 95%
95% Accurate
Deliverancy 90%
90% Deliverant